StudyTravel Star Awards Winners 2017
ST Star Spanish Language School
Hispania, escuela de español, Spain
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, Spain
  • CLIC - IH Sevilla, Cadiz y Malaga, Spain
  • Expanish, Argentina
  • COINED, International
  • Hispania, escuela de español, Spain
ST Star Agency Eastern Europe
Academix Study Abroad Services, Turkey
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Insight Lingua, Russia
  • Academix Study Abroad Services, Turkey
  • Star Academy, Russia/Ukraine
  • Idealist Education Consultancy, Turkey
  • DEC Education, Ukraine/Moldova
ST Star High School
Burnaby School District #41, Canada
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Burnaby School District #41, Canada
  • UTP High Schools, USA
  • CATS Education, USA and UK
  • Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Canada
  • Nova Scotia International Student Program, Canada
ST Star Agency Middle East and Africa
Yes Atlas, UAE
The shortlist nominees were:
  • IEC Abroad, Saudi Arabia
  • Al-Amoudi Holidays Agency for Education Abroad, Saudi Arabia
  • Global Student, Saudi Arabia
  • Yes Atlas, UAE
  • Getusion, Tunisia
ST Star German Language School
F+U Academy of Languages
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Carl Duisberg Centren
  • BWS Germanlingua
  • Humboldt-Institut
  • Alpadia Language Schools
  • F+U Academy of Languages
ST Star English Language School Europe
Atlas Language School, Ireland
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Atlas Language School, Ireland
  • ISI, Ireland
  • Horner School of English, Ireland
  • The Linguaviva Centre, Ireland
  • Lila* Liverpool, UK
ST Star New Agency
MUNDO4U, Brazil
The shortlist nominees were:
  • MUNDO4U, Brazil
  • Crewative, Italy
  • Suspanish, Spain
  • LinguaGo, Malta
  • CoAcad, Spain
  • Intercâmbio Expert, Brazil
ST Star English Language School Southern Hemisphere
NZLC, New Zealand
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Inforum Education, Australia
  • Impact English College, Australia
  • NZLC, New Zealand
  • Langports English Language College, Australia
  • Browns English Language School, Australia
ST Star Agency Western Europe
Aventure Linguistique
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Switzerland
  • EMY Cursos en el Extranjero, Spain
  • Aventure Linguistique, Switzerland
  • Sprachdirekt, Germany
  • DIREKT Sprachreisen, Germany
  • Language Kingdom, Spain
ST Star English Language School North America
Tamwood International College
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Canada
  • ELC, USA
  • Rennert International, USA
  • TLA - The Language Academy, USA
  • Tamwood International College, Canada
  • California Language Academy, USA
ST Star Italian Language School
Accademia Studioitalia
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Dilit IH Rome
  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
  • Linguaviva
  • Accademia Studioitalia
  • Accademia Italiana Salerno
ST Star Agency Latin America
IE Intercâmbio, Brazil
The shortlist nominees were:
  • VCE, Argentina
  • CI - Central de Intercâmbio, Brazil
  • Global Connection, Colombia
  • IE Intercâmbio, Brazil
  • World Study, Brazil
ST Star Vocational College
Tamwood Careers College
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Canada
  • MLS International College, UK
  • Tamwood Careers College, Canada
  • Greystone College, Canada and India
  • Chichester College, UK
  • ILSC Business College, Australia
ST Star Agency North America
Language International, USA
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Woori Education Group, Canada
  • Language International, USA
  • Lingua Service Worldwide, USA
  • LA Info, USA
ST Star French Language School
Accent Français Montpellier
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Accent Français Montpellier
  • France Langue
  • IH Nice
  • Institut Linguistique Adenet (ILA)
  • Institut Européen de Français
ST Star World Language School
ISI, Japan
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Genki Japanese and Culture School, Japan
  • CIAL - Centro des Linguas, Portugal
  • ISI, Japan
  • Kai Japanese Language School, Japan
  • Hutong School, China
ST Star Agency Asia
Gio Club, Japan
The shortlist nominees were:
  • IAE Global, Korea
  • Wintech, Japan
  • Ryugaku Journal, Japan
  • Britannia Studylink, Hong Kong
  • Gio Club, Japan
ST Star Junior Course for under 18s
Tamwood Camps, Canada
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Churchill House School of English Language UK
  • Tamwood Camps, Canada
  • Irish College of English, Ireland
  • Kingswood, UK
  • Buckswood Overseas Summer School, UK
ST Star Work Experience Provider
Education and Training Network (ETN), International
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Stepwest, Canada
  • Australian Internships, Australia
  • Tellus Group, UK
  • Education and Training Network (ETN), International
  • INTERNeX International Exchange, Canada
ST Star Agency Association
Aseproce, Spain
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Aseproce, Spain
  • JAOS, Japan
  • IECA, Taiwan
  • UED, Turkey
  • TIECA, Thailand
ST Star Service Provider
Edvisor, Canada
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Bright World Guardianships, UK
  • Book and Learn, Mexico
  • CareMed, Germany
  • Edvisor, Canada
  • Ielts, UK
ST Star School Association
Quality English
The shortlist nominees were:
  • The English Network – TEN
  • CAPS-I
  • MEI
  • Quality English
  • International House World Organisation
ST Star Chain School
EC English Language Centres
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Centre of English Studies
  • Lexis English
  • Kaplan International English
  • ILSC Education Group
  • EC English Language Centres

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ST Star Awards 2017
ST Star Awards 2017 Winners

What are the StudyTravel Star Awards?
The ST Star Awards have honoured top class performance across the Study Travel Industry for 11 years and are the awards that those working in the Study Travel industry want to win, and want to be associated with. These awards showcase top-class performance, reward achievement and raise standards across the industry.

The winners of each award category are revealed at the glamorous ceremony, held on the second evening of ST Alphe UK at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Attended by over 860 guests, the awards feature a networking reception, gourmet meal, followed by the winners’ presentations on stage and dancing to round off the spectacular evening.

Most of all, the ST Star Awards are fun, and a great way to socialise with industry colleagues and share in this prestigious evening. The ST Star Awards acknowledge the important mutual links between those organisations that offer education and work experience to international students and those organisations sending students overseas for an international study experience.
Who attends?
Around 860 top industry colleagues from around the globe will be attending, including those attending the FELCA/GAELA meeting, ST Alphe UK delegates, the nominees in each category, sponsors and invited guests.
The ST Star Awards offer unrivalled branding and sponsorship opportunities through advertising and coverage in ST Magazine, on and at the award ceremony itself. For further information, contact View the 2017 sponsorship information here.
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