View from the desk
Hannah Shepperd
Content Writer for Immigration Advice Service

This week, Hannah Shepperd, Content Writer for Immigration Advice Service, writes about post-study opportunities for international students that wish to remain in the UK.

Article published: 14 Sep 2017
Ana Cózar
Executive Director of Fedele, Español en España

This week, we interview Ana Cózar, Executive Director of Spanish language school federation Fedele, Español en España about the association's promotional activities and the growing importance of Spanish language study.

Article published: 07 Sep 2017
Jon Santangelo
Spokesperson for BOSSA and COSSA

This week, we interview Jon Santangelo, Spokesperson for agency associations BOSSA and COSSA in China, about activities and trends.

Article published: 31 Aug 2017
Annop Kanthatham
President of Thai agency association TIECA

This week, we interview Annop Kanthatham, President of Thailand's agency association, TIECA, about the group's activities, current market trends and Brexit.

Article published: 24 Aug 2017
Eleri Maitland
Spokesperson for Groupement FLE

This week, we interview Eleri Maitland, Spokesperson for French language school association Groupement FLE and Owner of French in Normandy, about the market trends in France's FLE sector and the group's activities.

Article published: 17 Aug 2017
Anne-Marie Connolly
Director of Studies at Everest Language School

This week, Dr Anne-Marie Connolly, Director of Studies at Everest Language School in Ireland, who recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a PhD in Neuroscience, talks about her research focused on language learners and people who speak more than one language.

Article published: 10 Aug 2017
Giordano Strizzolo
Guest Relations Supervisor at Homestay in Japan

This week, we interview Giordano Strizzolo, Guest Relations Supervisor at Homestay in Japan, about the growth of the homestay sector and international education in the country.

Article published: 02 Aug 2017
Ute Haug
Senior Market Development Manager Europe for Education New Zealand

This week, we interview Ute Haug, Senior Market Development Manager Europe for Education New Zealand (ENZ), about activities in the European market, agent recruitment and the attraction of New Zealand for EU students.

Article published: 27 Jul 2017
Carole Angenot
Operations Manager at CESAR

This week, we interview Carole Angenot, Operations Manager at CESAR, an association of international focused-higher education institutions in Rouen, France, about the group's activities and aims.

Article published: 20 Jul 2017
Richard Rossner
Eaquals Consultant and Co-Founder

This week, Richard Rossner, Eaquals Consultant and Co-Founder, writes about a new series of books for academic managers working in language education published by the language school accreditation body.

Article published: 13 Jul 2017