The new IH Darwin campus, which will open from November
IH Sydney moves into vocational sector

Australia-based International House (IH) Sydney has moved into the vocational sector with the launch of business and project management programmes from November.

The new brand, ih Business College (ihBC), will provide Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in the two subjects at campuses in Sydney City and Darwin.


"The ihBC courses were developed by business experts focusing on topics that are important to today's business leaders. It is our aim to provide students with knowledge of the latest business trends, coupled with advanced technological skills to succeed in the business world," the school said in a statement.


Prescilla Woodley-Laigle at ihBC, told StudyTravel Magazine, "We decided to move into the VET [vocational] space following requests from many agents. This was to respond to student demand. Students wanted to obtain courses that would provide them with Australian qualifications to help them find a job; they also wanted to get the same quality out of their course that IH already provides."


Commenting on anticipated trends for the course, Prescilla said, "Today we are expecting that the demand will come current students who are finishing their English course and realise that they now have the capacity to attend a VET course with us instead of another institution," adding that the school later expects to receive offshore applications directly for the vocational courses.


The Sydney programmes will be offered at the main International House Sydney school, a three-storey, 17-classroom facility in the heart of the city's Central Business District.


IH Sydney began offering language programmes in Darwin earlier this year, but from November will be relocating to offer language and vocational offerings at a new campus located in the centre of the city, with 12 classrooms across two floors.


"Darwin, a city of 140,000 people, is one of Australia's most liveable cities, with warm, welcoming people. Jobs are plentiful, and the cost of living is considerably lower than Sydney or Melbourne. Students residing in Darwin have an opportunity to partake in an authentic Australian experience and also learn about Aboriginal culture," the provider said.


As well as ELT and vocational courses in Sydney and Darwin, IH Sydney also operates the IH Bondi Beach English language school, which opened at the beginning of 2017.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor