Agents Speak Out
How do you prepare and make the most out of an agent/educator conference?
Lilian Gomes
Intercâmbio Expert, Brazil

"One of my tips is to only book flights after you have decided whether you are joining a fam trip, before or after the conference, so you can book the right flights based on the date, time and the closest airport, which might not necessarily be London. My second best tip is to keep some of the early slots available, until close to the conference date, as there is always someone that you meet early in the morning, perhaps to have breakfast with them. If you want to meet someone, never take a 'no' as an answer. There is always a free time during meals, for example. We love business cards with pictures so it's easy to remember who you visited at the event. To never forget anyone that you visited, staple the business card of the person at your notebook, so all the notes are kept along with the contact of the person."

Article published: 24 Aug 2017
Vlada Konaskina
Connexus Academic Advisors Ltd., London
"First off - know your market. Secondly - read the school's descriptions carefully. Nobody likes a timewaster and it will be much more beneficial for both parties if you come prepared with relevant questions to have a fruitful meeting. 20 to 30 minutes is not a lot of time, so taking notes is essential to keeping track of all being said. We all have our own tricks to remember information better. My personal favourite is to mark my favourites from every day of the conference or write memorable associations after every meeting (if you were left with any impression at all, that is). This way, after all has settled down and you are ready to go through your notes at your desk, it will be easier for you to remember your top five! And the last tip - don't be afraid to network! Drinks receptions and gala dinners are an essential part of the experience and it can be as beneficial as the official meeting during the afternoon."
Article published: 24 Aug 2017
Elvira Kredentser
STAR Academy, Ukraine
"Before making the appointments, we carefully get acquainted with the new participants of the conference and their profiles, study the websites of the educational institution (academic results and innovative programmes for the development of the child's personality), other professional information, fill in the prepared in advance form, and then, during the meetings, add features and details to the form. We are discussing the changes with our current partners and the plan for further cooperation. If we look at the statistics of the meetings, it's usually 70/30 (the ratio of new partners to the current ones)."
Article published: 24 Aug 2017
Maurizio Casatriste
CTS Travel, Italy

"The most important reason for me if going is the chance to meet prospective new partners. Of course with old partners I will meet, say hello, talk about the season but all of this can be done during coffee breaks, dinners, etc. without wasting the useful slots one may dedicate to new contacts! For each educator with whom I have a meeting, I prepare a list of questions on the programmes they run and that I find interesting. On that sheet of paper during the meeting I will record their replies and take note of the information to be listed in the follow-up and the points that must be still negotiated. My suggestion to first time conference attendees is: preparation and organisation. It's important to leave clear minded, have prepared a good daily agenda, listed the specific people one wants to meet with (even informally), and join all networking moments!"

Article published: 24 Aug 2017