Agency of the Month the last 10 years
Special Report
To celebrate the last 10 years of our Agency of the Month feature, we take a look at some of the partnerships that were featured over the years and find out how relations are now between agencies and schools.

Agency: IE Intercambio,
Spokesperson: Marcela Amaral
Nominated by: King George International College, now Sprott Shaw Language College,
Year: 2009
Still working together: Yes


How did it personally feel to be nominated in our Agency of the Month column?
We were very proud to have been nominated as the school's Agency of the Month. Canada has always been a strong market for our business, not to mention the excellent programmes offered by SSLC. It was a surprise when it happened and we felt that it was a way of acknowledging our hard work in promoting the school in our market with successful sales and happy students. 


How did the nomination and article in the magazine effect your business?
We believe that other schools started to pay attention to us and other partner schools congratulated us as well. IE is a fairly young franchisee network - we turn 20 next year. When this nomination happened, it proved we were on the right path.





Agency: Edulynks,
Spokesperson: Gerardo Carranza
Nominated by: INTO University Partnerships,
Year: 2010
Still working together: Active contract


What does it mean to be nominated by a school, which has a number of agent partners, as their chosen Agency of the Month?
We were surprised with the Agency of the Month nomination and we felt pride with the nomination and grateful to INTO University Partnerships. We saw it as a recognition for all the good work in the previous years. Personally, as an agency owner, it felt very nice. It was an indicator that we were doing things right, at least with that institution.




Agency: STB Student Travel Bureau,
Spokesperson: Bruno Contrera
Nominated by: Linguaviva,
Year: 2007
Still working together: Yes


How did you feel on hearing of your nomination back in 2007?
This meant a lot to STB. We are very happy with all the partnerships and relationships we've built over the last 46 years and we would like to thank our partners in helping us to build the education for all our students. Receiving this nomination by one of our main partners really is the meaning of trust that we have been working to build over the years. We are all here for the same reason: to build the best education for our students. I hope to receive good partners to increase the education of Brazilians and STB is always open to new ideas because together we can build a better world and a better future society.





Agency:  Globo-study,
Spokesperson:  Thomas Althaus
Nominated by: IH Sydney,
Year: 2007
Still working together: Yes


How did it feel to be nominated as IH Sydney's Agency of the Month?
It was a real honour for us and it proves the value of a long-term partnership. They are our main partners in Sydney Central and Bondi and we will extend the partnership with the Darwin school in 2018. We do appreciate the very good service of Tim Eckenfels and his team a lot.




Agency: GoLearnTo,
Spokesperson: Jennifer Carey
Nominated by: Sant'Anna Institute, Sorrento Lingue,
Year: 2010
Still working together: Yes


Tell us about your partnership with Sorrento Lingue?
We have worked with Sorrento Lingue for over eight years now and really value our partnership with them. As an agent we strive to give the best service not only to our customers but also to the school we represent so we can make their job as easy as possible. To be recognised for this service makes us feel we are achieving that aim.


How was business for you following the nomination?
In 2010, GoLearnTo had been in business for just a couple of years so it was great to have such a high level of exposure on such a platform. We received enquiries from other schools looking to start partnerships with us. At the same time, we were able to use the nomination to help sell ourselves to potential new partners by using a nomination in such a strong publication.





Agency: Intact,
Spokesperson: Karel Klusak
Nominated by: Kastner Kolleg,
Year: 2011
Still working together: Yes


What does it mean to receive the Agency of the Month nomination?
I was very pleased to see Kastner nominated us. I do not think we are their most productive agency and student numbers are usually the main factor in nominating an agency. The Czech market is quite small, it cannot compare with most other markets. The nominated agencies are mostly from large markets. Kastner said they enjoyed the smooth and trouble-free cooperation, if I remember correctly.


How did the nomination and article in the magazine affect your business?
I am not sure if there were more enquiries from schools after we were nominated. Anyway, the Czech market is quite specific and some products sell well, some do not at all. I choose my partners carefully and I think there were some congratulations.





Agency: Apple Language Courses,
Spokesperson: Phillippa Taylor
Nominated by: Spark Spanish,
Year: 2013
Still working together: Yes


What does it mean to be nominated by a school as their Agency of the Month?
We were delighted that Spark Spanish nominated us as their agency of the month! We have been working with Spark Spanish for many years now and always enjoy meeting them at events. Their enthusiasm for this industry is infectious.


How is your relationship now with Spark Spanish?
We really value our long-term relationship with Spark Spanish. They are always an absolute pleasure to deal with and we know that our students studying in El Puerto will be well taken care of.




Agency: Intercultural,
Spokesperson: Marina Jendiroba
Nominated by: Niagara College,
Year: 2010
Still working together: Yes


How did you react to being chosen as Agency of the Month?
We felt honoured to be chosen out of dozens of partners that certainly do a good job. It was a complement to our good job and to our successful partnership. It also increased not only our responsibility in keeping up the good work but also prompted our desire to keep our high performance standards.


Did the nomination increase enquiries from schools?
Intercultural's nomination did bring new partners, interested in working with a well-ranked company in Brazil. It also showed us the good reputation of Niagara College, meaning that other institutions take its opinion into account when looking for new agencies to work with. This reaffirms our certainty that we are working with a great partner, and sending students to one of the best institutions of the area. It was also a pleasure to be contacted by many current partners assuring us that they agree with Niagara College's opinion on our work. So we did not only receive one compliment through this nomination, but several, which made us proud and happy.




Agency: CI Intercambio,
Spokesperson: Tereza Fulfaro
Nominated by: did deutsch-institut,
Year: 2007
Still working together: Yes 


What impact did the nomination have?
No doubt it had a very positive impact as apart from the congratulations that we got from schools and agents it was another sign that CI does outstanding work with did - one of our oldest partners! We still send students to did and they are our main partner in Germany. Our business relationship only got stronger over the years.




Agency: StudyGlobal,
Spokesperson: Osmira Amaiz
Nominated by: inlingua School of Languages,
Year: 2012
Still working together: Yes


How did the nomination impact on your business?
As our entire sector is reading the magazine we certainly felt that the nomination has made other schools aware of our strong partnerships and accounts we have with collaborating schools. Enquiries from those schools have certainly increased over that period past the publication. This year StudyGlobal is celebrating 15 years of existence and have grown our partner network to nearly 200 schools.




Agency: Aventure Linguistique,
Spokesperson: Denis Baker
Nominated by: ABC College of English,
Year: 2009
Still working together: Active contract


What does it mean to your company, to be specifically chosen by a school, as Agency of the Month?
In this case, it was exceptionally important and a real honour. At this time, the agency had only been in existence for about 18 months. I had, however, gone to Queenstown, New Zealand to visit ABC and Tricia Lund-Jackson, the Principal at the time, and we'd very successfully sent students.


How did the nomination and article in the magazine affect your business?
In a very competitive and saturated Swiss market, it really helped with our profile and with our reputation. We were definitely contacted by many schools seeking representation, and yes, we received lots of congratulations. We still send students to ABC Queenstown. The staff have changed over time, but we have new relationships as those changes occurred. We still regard them as a very close and very important partner.




Agency: EMY Cursos en el Extranjero,
Spokesperson: Beatriz Estraviz
Nominated by: Linguaviva,
Year: 2013 
Still working together:  Yes


What does it mean to your company, to be nominated as Agency of the Month?
It really means a lot to us. We work really hard with the best schools and organisations to give our clients the best service possible. Recognition for your hard work is always appreciated.


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