Czech Republic
Agency Survey

Language business dominates the Czech agency sector, but secondary study and work & travel are gathering interest.

1,522 is the total number of students placed by the nine agencies in our survey

11-165 students were placed on courses by individual agencies per year

57% of Czech language students preferred host family accommodation when studying overseas


Language is the largest sector of the study abroad market for Czech agencies (90 per cent)







Vilem Jungmann at talks to us.
"The business outlook is very good. Parents are now more than ever before aware of the enormous benefits that junior study travel, learning languages and making contacts bring to their children. The UK will retain its strong position and positive future only if prices do not continue to grow, the administration barriers [post-Brexit] are not large and the services - such as accommodation and food - continuously increase."


Leona Ratajska at Alfa Agency talks to us.
"We will extend offers, especially for junior courses. We will promote more high school programmes with sports, and new specialisations and destinations in higher education."



"The UK remains the most popular language destination for Czech students, but Malta - in particular - Australia, the USA and Ireland have all increased market share since our last survey in 2013."
Matthew Knott, News Editor



Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in this survey: Alfa Agency,; Asiana,; English Language Consultancy,; Horizonty,; Interstudy Consulting,; Into Education,; Jazyky v Zahranici,;,; Threshold Training Associates,


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