Agency Survey
Agents reported strong language business growth, and the Philippines continued its rise as a destination.

Key Points


11,760 is the total number of students placed by the 11 agencies in our survey

6 - 6,320  students were placed on courses by individual agencies last year

56% of language students from Japan preferred host family accommodation when studying overseas

Language is the largest sector of the study abroad market for Japanese agencies (86 per cent)




Tatsu Hoshino, Executive Secretary of Japanese agency association JAOS, talks to us
Japan needs more bilingual human resources for the Olympics and to meet ambitious tourism sector plans to double the number of tourists to 40 million by 2020, so we can expect continued growth for language study and study abroad. The government is also encouraging more high school and university students to study abroad and is increasing the value of scholarships. www.jaos.or.jp



Hideki Ota, CEO of School With Inc. talks to us
The Philippines' market share is rapidly growing up. We expect our numbers of students for the Philippines will be more than 2,000 within a year. There are three main reasons why the Japanese go to the Philippines to study English: the curriculum, the environment, and the reasonable price. www.schoolwith.me


Two of the agencies in this survey were Philippines specialists, but its continued growth is clear. Overall, the language sector took a larger share of agency business than last time with a very healthy increase. 
Matthew Knott, News Editor



Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in this survey: Asia Seed, www.asiaseed.org; BRCJP, www.brcjp.com; CanCan, www.cancan-school.com; GG Co. Ltd, www.philippine-r.com; IESS, www.iess-usa.com; Minpo Foreign Studies, www.eikokuryugaku.com; Next Holiday CO. Ltd, www.next-holiday.co.jp; Plan B, www.pbi.jp; Pure Canada, www.p-u-r-e.net; Ryugaku Journal, www.ryugaku.co.jp; School With Inc, www.schoolwith.me.


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