Annual agency survey
Special Report
In a first for StudyTravel Magazine, we have conducted a global agency survey in order to analyse the agency study abroad business as a whole.

Key facts


162 Total number of agencies who took part in our survey in 2016

53,807 Total number of students sent overseas on study programmes

11.8 weeks Average length of stay for language students

49 Number of countries represented by our agent participants








Predictions for 2017: Quotes from agents


"I look forward to a positive result in 2017. Educators need to develop specialised programmes for prospective workers who need survival English in job market. Korean students have weak spoken English."


"Our business will stay the same overall but will have more junior programmes."


"We barely have any clients for colleges and universities, so we are not willing to put energy to higher education for the next 12 months."


"The Philippines' market is rapidly growing. Our number of students will be more than 2,000 in a year."


"We will put more energy into secondary programmes in 2017, as this is our strong point."


"We cannot sell secondary school programmes in Argentina because our education systems differ."


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