Agents Speak Out
Have any new destinations emerged for your students over the past 12 months?
Noriko Takahashi
Career Exchange Inc.,, Japan
"Our new destination to study English is Dubai, UAE. We started to promote at language school, ES Dubai, from January 2016 [and] since then, more and more inquiries are coming through our website. There are three reasons why Dubai attracts Japanese students: 80 per cent of residents are of foreign nationalities, which means there is a multi-cultural environment; students are allowed to do a part-time job with a student visa and UAE's business boom allows students to find a job easily in Dubai; and top universities have campuses in UAE, which is a great benefit for international students who wish to continue degree programmes."
Article published: 08 Dec 2017
Shahid Hafeez
ASFE Education Consultants,, UK
"The demands for global study market always change over time. We have discovered new destinations for our students. The list [includes] Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, France, Chile, Panama and Mexico. The reason for increasing popularity for [countries such as] Hungary, Portugal and Panama is the easy process of admission, low tuition fees and high ratio of visas."
Article published: 08 Dec 2017
Lavinia Yang
First Study,, Taiwan
"More students are requesting to go to Germany and the Netherlands for university or postgraduate programmes. This is because of the reputable German culture and strong economy, as well as its education system that many parents and students are drawn to. Students go to Germany to develop themselves academically and professionally. 'English is not enough' has become widely agreed among Taiwanese families. Hence, being able to get into a German university [and having the] opportunity to learn German would offer them more possibilities in the future. Most importantly they have faith in Germany's welcoming culture in the way they are accepting immigrants or refugees. Free education is also one of the biggest attractions for families."
Article published: 08 Dec 2017
Mark Chua
Global Study Abroad,, Singapore
"Singaporean students will typically choose to study in traditional countries such as the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. However, more and more students are also choosing to study, travel and work in alternative countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and the Netherlands. [There are] many factors at play: pricing; different student experience and exposure; semester exchanges; job availability; and immigration options. Global Study Abroad has stronger links with the UK and USA, but we are also looking to expand our reach by including Australia, Canada and the rest of the world."
Article published: 08 Dec 2017
Andrew Barkla
CEO, IDP Education,, global
"We recently released our 2017 Student Buyer Behaviour research. Canada emerged as the stand-out destination this year. Canada's welcoming policies and post-study work opportunities for students, as well as a safe and affordable environment, helped to increase its attractiveness as a study destination. This was also reflected in IDP's student placement results last year. Last financial year we saw a 127 per cent increase in the number of students who worked with IDP to gain entry into Canadian institutions, compared to the same period for the year prior. Similarly, we saw growth in the number of students we helped study in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This shows students are increasingly mobile."
Article published: 08 Dec 2017