Agents Speak Out
Have you seen an increase in demand for pathway programmes?
Maria Mercere
Jóvenes en UK, Argentina

"Here, in Argentina, there is a marked tendency for young people to go and study abroad and it is increasing every year. Moreover, it is becoming a popular choice once they finish their secondary school as they want to be well prepared to succeed in their studies and to be well equipped with the necessary academic skills to face the future and the unknown world. They seem to give priority to general English courses more than to a specific course related to their subject of interest. That is why we, students recruiters and international consultants, should help them think about the type of university they are interested in, the location of the university, the choice of course subjects on offer, and last but not least the costs.

Personally, I am attending numerous overseas education conventions and fairs to offer advice on what and where our Argentine students should study the best pathway programmes to suit their needs and interests bearing in mind their course subject."

Article published: 13 Dec 2016
Christian Graf
Boa Lingua, Switzerland
"Switzerland is not traditionally a pathway market. This is due to the very low study fees for reputable domestic universities. However, students very frequently book an intensive language programme to prepare for their studies. This is traditionally done just before the perusal of domestic university programmes in English, French, German and sometimes Italian."
Article published: 13 Dec 2016
Pedro J. Edo
Klensein Ltd., UK
"Pathway programmes are becoming increasingly important in the Spanish speaking market. For the past two years, we have observed an upward trend in the demand from Latin American students, and especially, from Spanish students. The latter group are mainly students who have obtained lower grades than expected, have been unlucky in clearing, or simply have not met their UCAS deadlines. This represents a good opportunity for universities to increase their January intake programmes, especially for integrated programmes that guarantee progression to Year 1 and that are covered by Student Finance, the most demanded ones. We believe that a wider availability of these programmes would be followed by an increased inflow of Spanish and European students to UK universities."
Article published: 13 Dec 2016
Tugba Anilir
EgitimNoktasi Overseas Education Consultancy, Turkey
"Overseas education continues to grow in popularity in Turkey, as well as the demand for pathway programmes. Students have to compete to get better benefits and positions in their business lives, and they need to provide better skills than others to reach their aim. Nowadays, students need to provide more than strong language abilities to get success in their business lives. They need to be fluent in at least two different languages and support their language abilities at strong higher education facilities. And this is one of the most important reasons that explains the growing interest in pathway programmes, especially in some specific course subjects, pathways are an inevitable solution to reach aims."
Article published: 13 Dec 2016