Agents Speak Out
Which social media network is most useful for you to market to students?
Achiraya Thienthai
Think Smart Education, Thailand
"With the use of social media, we have been able to thrive as a small business. Our agency gathers information from many post-secondary campuses throughout Canada and relays that information to clients and potential clients through various social media outlets. Our goal is to deliver social media content to the Thai market, such as videos, photos, and articles, which are simple, fun, and useful. We believe this content further enhances the allure of studying abroad and exploring the world. Our Facebook page is used to communicate with past and current clients; gathering critiques to better our business. Since the adoption of our social media platforms, we have increased our client base by 30 per cent. Potential clients that discover our Facebook page are able to contact us and receive consultation on post-secondary education options."
Article published: 23 Nov 2017
Guus Kok
Suspanish, Spain
"We think the importance of social media is increasing a lot if you want to target young students. A very important change we see in social media is the impact of influencers. With the impact of influencers, social media networks such as YouTube and Instagram are becoming more and more important. For us, the biggest advantage of social media marketing is the possibility to focus on very specific target groups, and to combine multiple social networks. With one social campaign you can reach people at different networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The biggest advantage of combining multiple platforms is to make sure students see your campaign more than one time. Because of those advantages, Facebook is our favourite network. Our social strategy is to launch multiple specific campaigns and to make sure we reach the right target group multiple times with it."
Article published: 23 Nov 2017
Kevin Romao
SI-UK Education Council, Japan
"Instagram is the platform which is used most by our target market. Of course the key to a successful Instagram account is to post eye-catching, bright pictures. Line is a platform which we've also recently started using regularly. This messaging app is mainly used for chatting amongst friends in Japan, but more and more businesses are signing up to promote their products. It's proving a challenge to gain more followers/friends, but our recent posts yielded an enquiry about our IELTS preparation courses that we offer, and we're expecting more to come in. We also use Facebook regularly. This has more functionality than other platforms, as on top of general pictures and videos, detailed information about the seminars we offer in our office can be inputted into the Events section. We also use Twitter - I'm unsure if it still has the same power as it had a few years ago, but it's still important to our marketing strategy."
Article published: 23 Nov 2017
Maria Paula Henao
AC Estudios en el exterior, Colombia
"AC Estudios has a mixed media strategy in which we combine different channels to reach students - in social networks we find our young students and in Google we find the parents of our students. We use Instagram and Facebook to the same extent, but for different content. Instagram is a visual medium that engages and creates emotional and non-rational engagement, which is why we publish the photos of our students in other destinations, the institution's campus, and traveller photos. On Facebook, we publish entries of our blog, information of our conferences, and interesting data of each country. At last, 70 per cent of our students come to our office through social media."
Article published: 23 Nov 2017