Agents Speak Out
Have you seen a trend for any new English language destinations?
Ilyong Bae
Yu-Myung Education Agency, Korea
"In the past, most Korean students went to the US, Canada and UK to learn English. Nowadays, the attractiveness of language training in those countries has been lowered. Students aim for maximum effect at minimum cost, so some students go to Malta, Philippines and Singapore. 15 per cent of my students go to those cheaper countries. It is a good way for students to learn English effectively in a short time. Depending on students' efforts, good results can be obtained. If they keep practising and practising, they expect much help during their job interviews. Reverse, they should know that there are many job applicants who have received degrees from good schools in US, Canada and UK. It's their dilemma."
Article published: 21 Mar 2017
Fabio Boccio and Patrizia Pelliccioni
Crewative, Italy
"Italians still strongly think that English, the 'true English', is not the American one, and it has to be studied in London, Cambridge or Oxford in the UK if possible. With wealthier families and clients the story changes quite a lot; these people know what is going on with the English language market and trust to study in [Dubai, Philippines, Malaysia] because they know that very often the institutions and staff are the same as in Europe or US, sometimes even better. It is trendy to go to Dubai now, [also because of] the weather and more modern infrastructures."
Article published: 21 Mar 2017
Hans van Mourik
SurfaWhile, the Netherlands
"At SurfaWhile, we have noticed an increasing interest in countries where the native language is not (solely) English. A great example is South Africa, where only 10 per cent of the population speaks English as native language. However, this location is a becoming more and more popular as an English language destination. We believe that several factors drive this growing popularity. Firstly, the price for a language course, but also the cost of living in South Africa is generally very reasonably priced. Secondly, we believe that many students are interested in experiencing a very different culture than they are used to. As our students come from developed, western countries, South Africa really offers a unique experience."
Article published: 21 Mar 2017
Vladimir Manykin
Dominanta, Russia
"Dominanta is an agency in Saratov, provincial Russia, far away from such centres as Moscow or St. Petersburg. The idea of taking English courses in 'third' countries started forming itself a couple of years ago as an alternative to common supply options, so we wanted to be slightly different! Now we offer English in our partner schools in Spain (along with Spanish) because the prices are very attractive, no visa problems and the country is well known to Russians as a popular tourist destination already, so it helps in marketing programmes like English on the Beach. So far there were very few students for such programmes but the interest is there and we hope to be able to call it a trend in the near future."
Article published: 21 Mar 2017