Agency Survey
With increased flight connections and cheaper courses, Malta is the hot language destination for Polish students.

1,725 is the total number of students placed by the 8 agencies in our survey

36 - 698 students were placed on courses by individual agencies per year

47 per cent of Polish students preferred host family accommodation when studying overseas

Language is the largest sector of the study abroad market for Polish agencies (73 per cent)



Paulina Pietrzak, Co-Owner at JPEdukacja, talks to us.
"Thanks to new flight destinations of Ryanair and WizzAir, Malta has become more accessible from Poland. It is much easier to sell courses in Malta when you can combine the offer with a cheap flight from an airport located close to the student. Courses in Malta are less expensive than in the UK with a similar number of lessons and standard of accommodation." www.jpedukacja.pl

Halina Juszczyk, Director at Language Abroad, talks to us.
"I have noticed a big change in requirements for courses for very young juniors. It means there are more bookings for ages 7-to-12 years old. Parents usually ask for accommodation on campuses of boarding schools. Malta has become more popular in the last two years because the courses and accommodation are less expensive than in the UK. Spanish language [courses] are growing year by year in my agency." www.languageabroad.com.pl


Joanna Galecka, Marketing Manager, Agent Helpdesk at Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, talks to us.
"We have noticed an increase in adult language travels compared to previous years. Junior travels are slightly higher; however last year Polish juniors tended to switch to further destinations, such as US and Canada, for both English and French. Also, Spanish language courses are increasing every year; last year Spanish was our second chosen language, it's a huge change on the Polish market where French and German were always the strongest. Malta has always been our most popular destination on the Polish market. We are using a great campus with great facilities, there are good flight connections with budget airlines, the destination is very attractive pricewise, clients recognise it as a safe country and, of course, the weather is guaranteed for summer holidays, etc." www.sprachcaffe.pl



Junior programmes experienced a surge in market share of course type from our previous survey in December 2015, increasing from three per cent to 23 per cent.
Georgina Deacon, Staff Journalist


Thank you to the following agencies for taking part in this survey: Furnel Travel International, www.furnel-wyjazdy.pl; International Study Consultants, www.kursyjezykowe.net; JPEdukacja, www.jpedukacja.pl; Language Abroad Kursy Jezykowe, www.languageabroad.com.pl; Project II, www.project-travel.pl; Siesta s.c., www.siesta.pl; Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Polska, www.sprachcaffe.pl; The Best Way, www.tbw.pl.


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